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Notice of Factory Extension...

Notice of Factory Extension

For the reason of improving production capacity, our company is pleased to announce that we have decided to expand our factory.
We are promoting the cost-reduction by mass-production of mechanical parts and assembly of finished products. In addition, the increase in orders with a focus on our main product, wafer transfer systems, has led our company’s production capacity to sharply increase. Under such circumstances, the premises used for the production of clean room area are approaching the limit. In order to promote the expansion of the production capacity, in preparation for the future increase in demand, we have decided to carry out the extension of the Factory No.4.
Moreover, by introducing a state-of-the-art sheet metal processing machine in our existing Factory No.3, we aim to lower product costs, reduce production costs and enhance profit. 
This newly extended factory will increase the clean room area by approximately twice as our current one, and our production capacity is expected to increase by about 3,7 times in single robot products and 1,6 times in system products.