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RORZE ROBOTECH CO., LTD. the first company in Viet Nam to be received a certificate of being the high technology company by Ministry of Science and Technology was established in October 1996 at Nomura - Haiphong Industrial Zone specializing in:
- Produce and assemble robot, robot’s part and controlling device.
- Design and produce robot controlling software.
- Design controlling device motor.
- Overhaul robot.
- Design mechanical parts, design robot and equipment related to the robot.
- Installing, operating, test running robot, equipment and machinery related to robot.
- Repairing, renovating, maintenance robot, equipment and machinery related to robot.

Enjoying the most favorable conditions such as preferential regulations of Vietnam Government, modern workshops, equipment, facilities and world-leading advanced production technology from Japan, our company has gathered and set up a highly-professional technical and management personnel as well as well-trained, industrious workers, an advanced quality and production management system under international standards.

In our operation and development, RORZE ROBOTECH CO., LTD. always places its key policy toward studying and meeting all customers' demands: turning out high quality products at low price, ensuring punctual delivery and reduce delivery time to its lowest possible, as well as providing best services and being responsible for the supplied products.

Along with other companies of RORZE GROUP over the world, and mentioned policy guidelines, the company management and all staff are determined to develop the company with stability and durability in Vietnam and become a global company.

“ We shall never follow competitors. We shall only develop and market products which we believe are superior to those already on the market.”.

Hideharu Nakamura